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50+ years of experience

Quality Home Care!

With 50+ years of experience combined, we, the partners at North Bay Home Care, have seen many injustices throughout our careers. When we saw how the clients and caregivers were being treated, we were not pleased.

Clients were not receiving the quality of care they deserved, expected, and more importantly, what they were paying for. Caregivers were being unfairly paid/treated by their employers - they were underpaid & overworked, and in some cases had no protection/cover from their clients.

Knowing that they had to do better, for the caregiver's & client's sake, North Bay Home Care was founded in 2018 - bringing excellent & quality home care services to California. Ensuring North Bay Home Care’s clients receive the home care that they expect, deserve, and paid for!

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state licensed || bonded || insureD || non-medical home care providers

What We Offer


NON-Medical Home Care Services

Here at North Bay Home Care, our team will attend to hourly, short-term, long-term, or 24hr live-in requests. (Certain conditions may apply)

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Peace-Of-Mind For Our Clients & Their Loved Ones

We hope that knowing we are your loved one's biggest advocate when it comes to their home care needs will give you peace of mind!

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Excellence & Quality Service Are Our Main Priorities!!

As a team of caregivers that are skilled, experienced & extremely passionate about our work, we promise to be the strongest advocate for your loved one!

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